About The Author

A.J. Myrfield was born and raised in Alberta, Canada,

where she still resides today. Throughout her life, she

dreamed of becoming a police officer; she wanted to

help and inspire people to change their lives for the

better. She followed that dream until she completed her

goal back in 2007. She has now been a police officer

for over six years; and during that time,

she has endured many positive and negative experiences.

Due to some of those experiences, she felt that she needed to release

the emotions that were eating away at her. Writing soon

became a hobby and her release. She enjoys writing

about the horrors of the real world, horrors that victims of crime have

to live through every day. She makes her

stories more interesting by trickling in a dose of

fantasy, keeping the readers guessing on what’s to come next.

Book Two

book 2-2

The Dagger of Souls Book 2

The Rise of Inferno

Have you ever wished for a normal life, a different
life, or a life other than your own? Have you ever prayedfor things to change that were out of your control?
Mike Walters has.
Mike rouses Megan, the love of his life, from her six month coma, as he calls on the ancient powers of Serenity to save the life of his friend. After her waking, Mike finds his life out-of-control as he learns that Serenity is not the only
elemental being in his path. There he meets Inferno, whose anger and regret from a past decision burns and torments within her, leaving her in a constant state of guilt. Her internal rage embeds so deep she fears the day she will explode, igniting all in her path,
ultimately causing death and destruction to surround her. Travel with Mike, Megan, and Inferno as they discover the lies, the corruption, and the evil that surrounds them
in Branden County. Witness Infernos self-destruction and pray for the characters you love, because in the end, not everyone will survive.

“When you look in the mirror what do you see?


Book one

The Dagger of Souls

Have you ever hid in your room while the monster that helped bring you into this world beat
your mother? Have you ever held your mother’s hand while she lay in a hospital bed, awaiting surgery to reconstruct her face? Megan McAllister has. With the trauma from her broken and abusive household, along with the continuous bullying at school from Jessica Sanders and her trolls, Megan
begins to discover a part of her that has been hidden for 17 years. Something hidden that proves she is anything but an ordinary high school graduate. Travel with Megan as she unleashes an ancient power that is just as destructive as it is beautiful—follow her as she looks deep within herself to reflect on her
dark past and ponders a question that haunts her
throughout her journey.

“When you look in the mirror what do you see?”

The Dagger of Souls – Part One